Welcome to iConcept
North India's Premier Apple Authorised Reseller

Embark on a journey with iConcept, where innovation meets tradition and where the spirit of North India meets the genius of Apple. Our journey, beginning in the lively city of Mohali in 2015, resonates with the spirit of North India - constantly evolving, yet deeply rooted in its heritage.

Our Legacy

Our foundation was laid in the bustling city of Mohali in September 2015. Inspired by the vision of creating a nexus for Apple aficionados, we embarked on our mission to make premium Apple products accessible to everyone in North India. With each passing year, our commitment grew stronger, and so did our presence.

Our Promise

At iConcept, we're more than just a chain of stores. We’re a community. Our team is made up of passionate Apple experts who are always eager to share their knowledge, provide advice, or simply help you find the perfect device to fit your needs. Beyond the sale, we believe in cultivating relationships, ensuring you have the best possible experience with every Apple product you purchase from us.

Our Locations

  • Mohali (Our Founding Store, Sept 2015): Where it all began, our Mohali store symbolizes our pioneering spirit and determination.
  • Jammu (Sept 2016): A testament to our early success, we brought the Apple experience to the winter capital.
  • Chandigarh (May 2017): Nestled in the heart of the city, this store embodies the vibrant culture and modern aspirations of its denizens.
  • Kangra (July 2017): Merging scenic beauty with technological brilliance, our Kangra store stands as a beacon of our expanding horizon.
  • Hoshiarpur (July 2022): Our most recent addition, further echoing our dedication to making Apple products available across North India.
  • Ludhiana (April 2024): Our latest venture, bringing cutting-edge technology to the industrial hub of Punjab, symbolizing our continuous growth and commitment.

Online shopping, and Beyond

For our online visitors scouring the vastness of the World Wide Web, here's a nod to you: whether you're in Kangra, Hoshiarpur, Chandigarh, Jammu, Mohali, or anywhere else in India, remember that iConcept is not just an Apple reseller. We are your gateway to a world where technology meets the soul, where customer care is a promise, and where North India's spirit intertwines with Apple's innovation.


Trust in iConcept, and let's journey into the future, together.

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