Smart Keyboard Folio for 12.9-inch iPad Pro (6th generation)


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Transform your iPad Pro experience with the Smart Keyboard Folio for the 12.9″ model, now available at iConcept. This versatile folio serves as a comfortable keyboard when you need to type, and provides elegant front and back protection when you don’t. Its adjustable design supports convenient viewing angles for both typing and media consumption.


About This Product

  • Dual Functionality: The Smart Keyboard Folio acts as both a keyboard and a protective cover, offering front and back protection for your iPad Pro when not in use.
  • Seamless Operation: With no charging or pairing required, simply attach the keyboard to your iPad Pro and start typing immediately.
  • Adjustable Viewing Angles: Allows you to adjust your viewing angle to suit various needs, whether you’re typing, watching videos, or conducting presentations.
  • Compatibility: Designed specifically for:
    • iPad Pro 12.9” (6th generation)
    • iPad Pro 12.9” (5th generation)
    • iPad Pro 12.9” (4th generation)
    • iPad Pro 12.9” (3rd generation)

The Smart Keyboard Folio from iConcept is an indispensable accessory for your 12.9″ iPad Pro, combining advanced functionality with robust protection. Ideal for enhancing productivity and convenience, this folio keyboard simplifies mobile typing and viewing.


What’s Included

  • Smart Keyboard Folio for 12.9″ iPad Pro


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